Dr. Manoj K. Sharma

General Physician, Cardiologist, Diabetologist
  • Address Info :
    Apple Hospital, Indore


General Physician, Cardiologist, Diabetologist
MBBS from MGM Medical College Indore, (1982) first in merit
MD from MGM Medical College, Indore (1986).

Dr. M.K. Sharma is one of the leading General Physicians in the city, Director of Apple Hospital, Indore, and an expert in his field with 32+ years of experience.

Awards & Achievements :

  1. Residency in Cardiology, Bombay Hospital, Mumbai (1986-87).
  2. Residency in Intensive Care, Choithram Hospital, Indore (1987-89).
  3. Fellowship Diabetes at Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston (1990).
  4. Honorary consultant at Choithram Hospital, CHL Hospital, Bombay Hospital, and Apple Hospital, Indore.
  5. Life member at International Diabetes Federation, American Diabetes Association, European association for study of Diabetes.
  6. Received PG medical award
  7. Received Dr. Athle memorial award

Dr. Sharma believes his work is a gift from his Nana. When he was young, his Nana had a stroke, and as he saw the lack of medical facilities, he was disheartened. That’s when his Nana asked him to become a doctor. From that day, saving people’s lives became his ideology.

He is strongly inspired by the Bhagwat Geeta quote – “The intention behind the action is what matters.”

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Diabetics 100%
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