Apple Advantage

6 fully-equipped, well maintained Operation Theatres.

When you choose Apple, you make the decision to let you and your loved ones get the utmost care. Under our facility, you will find the most technologically advanced Operation Theatres, with extensively trained staff, and dignified & experienced Surgeons.

You can trust us with your life.

CT Scan

Well-maintained Intensive Care Unit

What sets Apple apart is the size & quality of the Intensive Care Unit. We have 29+4 ICU beds, 18 Nurses with 2 assistants who are present 24/7 with the patients. It is well-maintained and well-staffed, with a doctor present there at all times.

The Best Clinical Talent and Skills

At Apple, you will observe the pattern of excellence we follow, backed by well-trained specialists in all specialities and departments.

Our nurses receive cross functional training and updates on the latest in clinical excellence. Whereas, all our doctors are well-renowned, experienced, skilled, and are pioneers in their respective fields.

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