Health Check-up

Executive Health Package

₹ 4500

Comprehensive Health Package

₹ 3500

Primary Health Package

₹ 2400

Pre-Employement/ Basic Health

₹ 1800

Cardiac Evaluation/ Senior Citizen Package

₹ 3000

Pre-Marital Health Checl-Up (Male) Package

₹ 1950

Pre-Marital Health Checl-Up (Female) Package

₹ 2350

Child & Adolscent Health Check-Up Package

₹ 1400

General Health Check Guidelines

1) Please note that a minimum of 12 hours fasting is essential prior to check up. Water can be consumed. Please do not drink coffee or tea before coming for the test.

2) Abstain from alcohol for at least 12 hours prior to the check up.

3) Please bring all your earlier medical records (within 1-3 yrs.).

4) Important instructions for women:
a) Pregnant women or women with suspected pregnancies should not undergo any X-ray procedures.
b) A health check up during your menstrual period is not advisable.

5) Those who are diabetic must inform our technicians about your blood sugar status & anti-diabetes treatment prior to the collection of blood sample.

6) The urine sample has to be given before ultrasound test if any.

7) Special instruction for TMT (Tread Mill Test):
a) Stop using the calcium channel blockers & beta blockers, betacard, ATEN & its variants, diltiazem, verapamil etc, at least 24 hrs. before the test

8) Wear loose clothing & avoid wearing any jewellery.

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