Dr. P.S. Lubana

General Surgeon - MS, DNB FAMS, FICS (USA)
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    Apple Hospital, Indore


General Surgeon

Dr. P.S Lubana is general surgeon MS, DNB FAMS, FICS (USA). He is the founder of the colorectal cancer foundation. They perform all types of pancreatic and liver resection for both benign and malignant lesions. He is expertise in piles, laparoscopic fissure, colorectal hernia, laparoscopic hernia, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, general perianal abscess, trauma pilonidal, gall bladder hepatobiliary surgery, pancreatic surgery.

He is an associate Professor Consultant at MGM medical college & M.Y. Group of Hospitals, Indore, and Chief of Hapato-Pan-Biliary and Colorectal Services at Apple Hospital, Indore.

Awards & Achievements :

  1. Gyan Burman Fellowship in Hapato-pancreatic-biliary & Liver Transplant surgery from Sir Gangaram Hospital New Delhi.
  2. Fellowship of Colorectal Surgeons of India.
  3. Member of Pioneer circle of Stapler Hemorrhoidopexy group of Asia-pacific zone.
  4. Examiner in various universities of India.
  5. Published various journal articles related to his research & studies.
  6. Has successfully done more than 2000 abdominal and Anorectal surgeries by Stapler.

Dr. Lubana is the founder of The Colorectal Cancer Foundation.

They perform all types of Pancreatic and Liver resection for both benign and malignant lesions. Their team is a leader & is great at doing maximum stoma open endostapler colorectal operations in central India. Currently, they are working on ODS (Obstructed Defecation Syndrome) present scenario in central India. The team is looking for the definitive surgical treatment of intractable constipation in Indian patients. Their Goal is to make colorectal surgery more patient-friendly without Stoma.

Dr. Lubana is well-known for performing long and complex surgeries. His research & work has greatly contributed to the medical community.

Piles 100%
Laparoscopic 100%
Fissure 100%
Colorectal 100%
Hernia & Laparoscopic Hernia 100%
Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, General 100%
Perianal Abscess 100%
Trauma Pilonidal 100%
Gallbladder 100%
Hapatobiliary Surgery 100%
Pancreatic Surgery 100%
Anorectal 100%
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